The Biodiversity protection community is a unique opportunity to gather the main actors, stakeholders and interested parties concerned by the conservation and protection of natural areas and habitats in the Mediterranean. Whether they are involved on inland or sea-based initiatives to protect or raise awareness on biodiversity and nature issues, they come together through this networking opportunity to exchange best practices, know-how and join forces in reaching the objective of a sustainable biodiversity and natural ecosystems in the Mediterranean through improving the management of protected areas.

The Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection community is structured under three main topics and working groups with the support of PANACeA partners, as seen below. To get involved in the activities please do not hesitate to contact the PANACeA partner leading the group or contact panacea-med[at]

Working Group 1: Biodiversity protection & management

Led by ETC-UMA and REC Montenegro, please contact panacea-med[at]


Working Group 2: Sustainable use of natural resources

Led by CPMR and UNIMED, please contact giuseppe.sciacca[at]

Working Group 3: Integrated ecosystem monitoring & management

Led by Plan Bleu and MedCities, please contact nbourlion[at]