The Med Biodiversity Protection community attended MARLICE 2019


The Med Biodiversity Protection Community featured by PANACeA was present during MARLICE 2019, in Seville, Spain, from 10 to 12 April 2019. MARLICE is the INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON MARINE LITTER AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY.
A Med Biodiversity Protection Community open session was held as part of MARLICE on 11 April from 14:30 to 17:30 hrs to present the common work and results of our Interreg Med Marine litter initiatives.
Chaired by ETC-UMA, the session stressed the relevance of an ecosystem-based approach to policy development and summarised the main findings and achievements of the Interreg MED Biodiversity Protection Community, featured by PANACeA, regarding marine litter monitoring and management, with a focus on impacts on biodiversity and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). It provided an opportunity to put those in a wider context. The gathering highlighted remaining gaps and joint recommendations for the forward-looking actions that are needed. The tools developed and/or enhanced by the Community were tested through a hands-on exercise to share their potential, obtain feedback on improvements and expand their use.
Plastic Busters MPAs, one of the Modular Projects belonging to the Interreg MED Biodiversity Protection Community, hold an Info session in the morning the same day. Plastic Busters MPAs aims to contribute to maintaining biodiversity and preserving natural ecosystems in pelagic and coastal protected areas by consolidating Mediterranean efforts to address marine litter.   

Download the Capitalization Workshop Agenda on "Marine Litter knowledge and tools in Mediterranean protected areas"
The full MARLICE 2019 session summary can be seen here.

Download the workshop report: Knowledge and tools to manage the impact of marine litter in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) - State of play and challenges ahead

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