The Biosphere Destinations lead the way for sustainability in Fitur International Tourism Fair

Protecting the biodiversity, while balancing the economic and cultural aspects of the Mediterranean area is of particular importance to the work of the MED Biodiversity Protection Community, which share the common objective of biodiversity protection with the Biosphere Destinations Community. On the occasion of the International Tourism Fair Fitur, the Biosphere Destinations members met in Madrid last January to share experiences.

(Rome, 4 February 2019) - The Biosphere Destinations Community met on 23-27 January at the International Tourism Fair Fitur in Madrid. Revolving around the Biosphere seal, a sustainability certification, granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) to destinations who balance the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of their biodiversity areas, the work of the Biosphere Destination Community meets the one of the MED Biodiversity Protection Community. It is indeed working towards the same objective of biodiversity protection, through projects such as ECOSUSTAIN, aiming at ecological sustainable governance of Mediterranean protected areas via improved scientific, technical and managerial knowledge base.

During the International Tourism Fair, different presentations were made by Biosphere destinations such as Barcelona, Ibagué-Tolima, Historic Aldeias of Portugal, Thompson Okanagan or Sitges, and several meetings took place between major touristic groups (communicators, companies and destinations). Such meetings featured these destinations involved in tourism sustainability, working towards the fulfilment of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goal.

This event represented a great opportunity for the different sustainable tourism stakeholders to meet and share best practices, experiences and researches. It was also the occasion for the city of Barcelona to pass the torch of the Community’s coordination on to the region of Thompson Okanagan (Canada) for the year 2019. The communicators of sustainable tourism, such as reporters, youtubers and influencers were also given a great share at this event, considering their significant influence on the transmission of values such as sustainability.

This event was also an occasion for partnerships to be build such as the collaboration agreement for training signed between the International center for training and knowledge transfer in hospitality, tourism and gastronomy (CETT) and the RTI, planning different cooperation projects with university centers and public administrations, such as an online training programme.

You can access the full report of the event here.