Participatory approaches for a better Mediterranean Biodiversity protection

In the Mediterranean, the sea joins us all in a shared connected and alive ecosystem, where we interact with a wide variety of natural resources in many ways. A sustainable relationship among species, habitats, and people is critical to ensure each other’s wellbeing in the long run.

For local and regional actors, sharing governance and legal rights to use, manage and preserve their own natural resources is the most sustainable solution. At sea, the future of small-scale fisheries can be sustained through a co-management effort with the fishing community, especially in marine protected areas, a treasure to preserve marine life. With the empowerment of Mediterranean people, fishermen can act as Guardians for the sea, willingly accepting to enlarge marine protected areas and decrease their fishing effort for a long-term benefit.

The MED Biodiversity protection community, featured by the project PANACeA, co-funded by the Interreg MED programme, is working hard to promote an ecosystem approach to Mediterranean actors promoting collaborative solutions.

Watch the video below and learn more about collaborative solutions to better preserve and protect the Mediterranean Biodiversity!

Learn more and download the technical paper on Participatory approaches towards the co-management of natural resources in coastal and marine areas