Modular projects from the Working Group 2 on Biodiversity Protection meet to plan their common actions

Last October 29, an online meeting was organised by the MBPC Working Group 2 (WG2) on sustainable use of natural resources to take stock of the progress of the involved modular projects, and to discuss all together a common updated action plan.


ETC-UMA and the CPMR IMC, as coordinator of this WG2, together with MBPC partner MedCities, set up this event, gathering representatives from seven Interreg Mediterranean modular projects (TUNE UP, MPA Networks, MPA Engage, POSBEMED2, PlasticBusters MPAs, PHAROS4MPAs and WETNET). The online meeting included a brief update on the projects, their current activities and expectations for the coming months, and discussed the progress made and the alternative solutions reached to overcome the situation created by the COVID-19.

The MBPC partners presented an update of the WG2 Work Plan, and focused on the work under development for the finalisation of the updated version of the 2019 Technical Paper. An agreement was reached for collecting further contributions, its finalisation and publishing by mid-November 2020. During this WG2 meeting, a proposal of an Action Plan was agreed with the participants, which includes the presentations of PHAROS4MPAs and WETNET actions and results in the networking session of the FARNET seminar (25-26 November 2020), and a series of ninety-minute webinars aiming to share each project’s experiences and outputs with technicians and MPA managers from any kind of initiative or institution working on the same topic. All these activities should lead to the development of a policy-related tool to be presented during the MBPC final capitalisation event in Brussels, in Spring 2022.

A strong engagement from the community was reached during the meeting with clear interests expressed by modular projects to develop common training activities and increase outreach, to build a portfolio of best practices extracted from the projects results and to develop synergies between their project and the MBPC.

For more details about this meeting, please read the related documents below.