Marine litter and biodiversity management addressed in the EU Horizon 2020 BlueMed coordinators meeting

PANACeA presents its work related to marine litter and biodiversity management in the EU Horizon 2020 BlueMed coordinators meeting

The EU Horizon 2020 BlueMed coordinators meeting was held in Malta on 25 January 2019, seeking to integrate innovation, blue economy, research and environmental protection. The single day event, titled “Sustaining the lessons learned and enhancing the BLUEMED Initiative synergies”, revolved around key actions and achievements of funded projects, with a view to tapping the lessons learned within the blue growth community in the Mediterranean, in order to foster the transformation of the Mediterranean basin into a hotspot of innovation.

The European Topic Centre of the University of Malaga (ETC-UMA), in the role of coordinator of PANACeA, presented this project and its efforts to tackle biodiversity conservation, marine litter, and the ecosystem-based management approach as an integrating and positive initiative.

The presentation highlighted the role of PANACeA as an innovative regional network of research organisations, and presented some of its most cutting-edge proposals, such as the co-management and participatory approaches, the implication of the private sector and the civil society in tackling environmental pressures and marine litter, or the use of new technologies for data collection, storage, visualisation and analysis at several scales.It also included a list of specific recommendations for improving research, management and policies to tackle marine litter and biodiversity management and conservation within the Mediterranean basin.

Plastic Busters MPAs, one of the Modular Projects belonging to the Interreg MED Biodiversity Protection Community, was also introduced during the event. Plastic Busters MPAs aims to contribute to maintaining biodiversity and preserving natural ecosystems in pelagic and coastal protected areas by consolidating Mediterranean efforts to address marine litter.