Helping shape a better future for marine protected areas in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community went one step further in heir efforts to support a better future for Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), through strong presence and participation at the 2020 Forum of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Mediterranean, held in Monaco between the 28th November and the 1st December 2021.

More than 200 participants from 27 countries attended the Forum and its 43 discussion sessions, networking thematic sessions and side events in person, with a further 500+ participants from 36 countries attending online. The objective of this Forum was to finalise the content of the Post-2020 Roadmap for Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas and its theme was SHARE, CONNECT AND COOPERATE.
The Post-2020 Roadmap for Mediterranean MPAs will be the third edition of a Mediterranean Roadmap. It is intended to be a living document, setting objectives, priority actions and evaluation indicators to mobilise action among actors in the region towards 30% of the Mediterranean being effectively protected by 2030. The draft Roadmap comprises six thematic areas (Policy and Governance, Legislation and Enforcement, Management and Knowledge, Capacity and Awareness, Sustainable Financing and Cross-cutting) each with a strategic objective and recommendations. The purpose of the Forum sessions therefore, was to present case studies as they relate to the Roadmap’s strategic objectives and to help revise and enrich the draft recommendations. Check the initial report of the forum.
A key partner in the MPA Forum, the Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community project (MBPC) contributed to this process through financial support and by organising and coordinating three Discussion Sessions, two side events, participating further in at least five Discussion Sessions as well as a Thematic Networking Session.  Together we, our partners and our thematic projects, MPA ENGAGE; FISHMPABLUE2+ and AMAre PLUS provided contributions and 57 proposed actions across all six strategic themes of the Roadmap and 19 out of the 30 recommendations. The MBPC contributions also provided a number of take-home messages for the event participants and the wider Mediterranean MPA community. Other modular projects from our community as MPA NETWORKSPOSBEMED2 and PlasticBustersMPAs were further leading discussion sessions. You can find all details on MBPC inputs to the Roadmap recommendations in our report.