Enhancing EU Policies with Ecosystem-based Approaches

The summary and conclusions report of the Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection community Workshop & Public Hearing held on 4 -5 December 2018 have now been released.

Key players of the Interreg MED Biodiversity Protection Community featured by PANACeA coming from among more than 150 institutions representing local and regional practitioners, policymakers, environmental lobbyists, and researchers working in the Mediterranean participated in the events to look at the findings of two years of project work pointing at solutions found at protected area (PA) and partnership level in various countries to address environmental challenges and the links between biodiversity loss and economic activities, proving the need for an ecosystem-based approach to achieve effective biodiversity protection and a good environmental status for the Mediterranean.

The Workshop and particularly the Public Hearing were set up as an opportunity to transfer the lessons learnt by the Community to a wider audience, in particular EU, Mediterranean and national policy makers, public authorities at various levels, environmental organisations and territorial cooperation institutions, fostering a dialogue geared at up-scaling potential policy and societal solutions to preserve biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

The key messages and conclusions stemming from the Workshop & Public Hearing in cooperation with the SEARICA European parliament intergroup are the subject of the Report “Enhancing EU policies with Ecosystem-based approaches”. The findings and conclusions that are emerging from working with 11 Projects undertaken by the Community are weaving a repository of knowledge and solutions, resulting in key messages and recommendations which has produced and agreed on a vision for understanding and managing transboundary and cumulative impacts in Mediterranean ecosystems. Launched at the EU Parliament, this statement is a proposal for a common path of action by nearly 200 Mediterranean and European institutions. To embrace the Declaration in preparation for its official signature in Malaga in October 2019, please send us an email to panacea-med@uma.es. The Brussels Declaration is now available in English, French and Spanish.

Click here to find out more about the recommendations and download the report.

The next Med Biodiversity Protection Community events will take place on 6 & 7 May 2019 in Rome, Italy - > More information and registration.