SAVE THE DATE! MPA Engage and MPA Networks findings: Last episode of MBPC WG2 webinar series will take place next October 14

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The webinar will showcase the activities developed by MPA Networks and MPA Engage 4-year-long Interreg Med-funded projects for a better understanding of MPAs' economic benefits and their role in the climate change context.


Did you know that every euro invested annually in the MPA of Llevant (Balearic Islands) generates 10 euros of benefit? The Natural Capital Accounting System study undertaken in the Balearic Islands will be presented as well as the Monitoring Protocol results’ in Portofino MPA (Italy) in order to better identify, measure, and manage the impacts of climate change on MPAs - such as mass mortalities or the sprawl of invasive species.

Opportunities will be given to the participants to express their opinions about the activities carried out and to share their own experiences. This is also a good time for Mediterranean stakeholders to hear about management effectiveness and climate change adaptation and mitigation linked to Mediterranean MPAs. The webinar will be held in English.

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