Online Summer School “MPAs GOVERNANCE: linking theory and practice”

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TUNE UP sessions: Mediterranean Matters: What perspectives for a common agenda? with the participation of Dania Abdul Malak from ETC-UMA on the roundtable on 29 September.

Under the environmental standpoint, as stated also by the recent IUCN Congress held in Marseille (September 2021), the main challenges from now to 2030 concern the extension to 30% of the sea surface protection deemed crucial to perform best connections among the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in view of their effective management. In coupling economy and environment, the urge to share knowledge, experiences, tools, results and even failures is crucial to promote a Mediterranean Blue Economy transition, as stressed by Plan Bleu (UN Environment/MAP Regional Activity Centre, 2020).

The Interreg Med TUNE UP project contends that environmental protection should rely upon a twofold approach. On the one hand, protection policies urge for an upscaling including all the MPAs in order to overcome fragmentation in their management and remoteness from decision-making; as a matter of fact, ecological connectivity is brought about by fish and bird migration routes irrespective of boundaries and human activities. On the other hand, the reasons for environmental protection are to be rooted in human communities, raising awareness both in insiders and outsiders of the values to be preserved and enhanced on the spot.