IUCN Congress Campus session on Innovative tools & practices to ensure a healthy Mediterranean biodiversity and sustainable tourism

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Mediterranean biodiversity protection from anthropogenic pressure is a major challenge of our time. Among the main threats to the ecosystem, uncontrolled and unsustainable tourism appears to play a very negative impact on natural, cultural and social environment.

To face this issue, more than 28 projects funded by the EU programme INTERREG MED are working on finding innovative solutions to reduce the pressures of sectoral activities in the region, including strategies to promote sustainable tourism and tools to better preserve biodiversity in terrestrial, coastal and marine environments.

Disseminating good practices, principles and results is among the main objectives of the biodiversity protection and Sustainable Tourism communities. For this reason, on 2021, September 6th, they will jointly coordinate a campus session in the framework of the IUCN World Congress on the topic:

Streamlining biodiversity in sectoral development: a sustainable touristic model in the Mediterranean that ensures resilient coastal and marine ecosystems.

The workshop will take place on the Virtual Channel n.6 of the IUCN Congress virtual event, from 11.00 to 13.00, and will present a series of innovative ecosystem-based tools developed by projects which are part of the two communities. These tools address crucial aspects such as governance and management models to ensure resilient coastal systems, marine protected areas protection, tourism circularity, waste management, and several other.

The session will be interactive, and participants will have hands-on practical training on the tools with access to online resources.

If you are already registered to follow online or attend the IUCN World Congress event, or if you are willing to do register for the online congress package on its website, then join the Campus Session on Innovative practices to ensure Mediterranean biodiversity and sustainable tourism!

For more information, please visit also the websites:

Mediterranean biodiversity protection Community

Sustainable Tourism Community  

Contact: lise.guennal@crpm.org and glazaro@remove-this.planbleu.org