IUCN Campus: MBPC & Sustainable Tourism Modular Projects & partners on the spot!

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The MBPC and the Sustainable Tourism Communities, in the IUCN World Congress in Marseille

From 3 to 11 September 2021, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community will take part at the IUCN World Congress with a dense program of activities.

First of all, the MBPC will be promoting in collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Community a virtual campus session on “Streamlining biodiversity in sectoral development: a sustainable touristic model in the Mediterranean that ensures resilient coastal and marine ecosystems”. This workshop will take place on September 6th from 11 to 13h and will present a set of innovative ecosystem-based tools, based on the experience of different projects: POSBEMED2, WETNET, TUNE-UP, MPA-ENGAGE, DESTIMED+, MPA–NETWORKS, PLASTICBUSTERS MPAS, INCIRCLE. Addressing the link between biodiversity protection and tourism sustainability, the event will open with a short introduction by a MBPC representative. Then some multi-level governance models and best practices will be presented, and a hands-on interactive training will be carried out in order to engage the audience concretely and enhance the replication of such innovative tools.

The protection of marine protected areas, wetlands, and coastal ecosystems, as well as the sustainable management of tourism activities in order to ensure the ecosystems’ resilience will be at the core of the discussion. The workshop will be moderated by Mrs. Anouska Kinahan and wrapped-up by Mr. Curzio Cervelli, Mrs. Francesca Marcato and Mr. Pascale Fauveau-Lagaye from the INTERREG MED Joint Secretariat.

Other MBPC modular projects will take part to the IUCN World Congress. The project MPA–NETWORKS will participate to several meetings, as follows:

-         On September 3rd,  the PAMEx launch - The Mediterranean: a model sea by 2030;

-         On September 5th, the workshop "Global Alliance of networks of MPA Managers and Conservation Trust Funds";

-         On September 5th, the workshop "Networks of MPA managers (EU Ocean Governance project)";

-         On September 6th, the first part of the workshop "Networks and Partnerships in the Mediterranean Region: Building and strengthening";

-         On September 8th, the workshop "L’union fait la force : Les réseaux d’aires marines protégées de Méditerranée".


In addition to this, the POSBEMED2 and the MBPC projects will participate on the session “Nature Based Solutions in the Mediterranean” to be held in the “Mediterranean Solutions Stand” on September 5th and the MPA Networks will join the “Mediterranean Solutions Stand” on September 6th on the topic “Mediterranean MPA Forum”. All these events will be live-streamed here.


The project TUNE-UP will contribute also to the second part of the workshop “Building and strengthening Networks & Partnerships”, to take place on September 6th, and the project MPA-Engage will participate to the workshop on “Nature-based solutions: French action for adaptation to climate change”( this session will be mainstreamed in this linko take place on September 7th.


Except for the campus session, all these events will be carried out in presence or in hybrid form. All the relevant information and addresses can be found at the related links.