The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) project co-funded by the Interreg Med programme is organising an online workshop " Managing Transboundary priority areas: Towards a governance mechanism on the conservation of the South-Adriatic marine ecosystem"  on 13 July, (14:00-17:30) and 14 July (09:00-12:30) with key regional stakeholders building on the recommendations arising from the 2019 meeting held in Herceg Novi “Managing Transboundary Impacts In Priority Areas: Towards an Action Plan for Ecosystem – based Management (EBM) in the Southern Adriatic Sea Ecoregion”. 

The objective of this workshop is to use a participatory approach to discuss the main biodiversity assets and human uses in the area with a view to developing a transferable transboundary governance mechanism for the region. To allow for productive outcomes, only selected institutions have been invited to participate. This workshop will: 

1) select the three highest priorities based on the results of a survey conducted by ETC-UMA;
2) identify the most appropriate governance tools and setups available to tackle these priority issues through a collaborative dialogue; and
3) identify a systematic process through a regional discussion among experts, relevant governance bodies and key stakeholders to agree on the next steps forward.

An early draft framework identifying concrete and achievable activities, key enablers and most favourable connections with existing regional governance initiatives will be developed based on partipants' contributions.

 Please register by 10 July 2021 to attend this online workshop.

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