Upcoming events


26-28 April - CONFISH Workshop A, Patti, Italy

TBC - FishMPABlue2, Training on monitoring for pilot MPAs, Cote Bleu MPA, France

18-19 April - BlueMed: A basin of research and innovation for sustainable growth, Malta

20 April - Blue Growth and Ocean Governance in the EU and the Mediterranean. Innovation, and Nautical Tourism, Malta

25 April - CPMR Intermediterranean Commission Task Force on Fisheries & Aquaculture together with FIG meetings and Sea food week, Brussels, Belgium

26 April  - Ocean Literacy for All: the way forward after the Maltese Declaration, Meeting of SEARICA (Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas EP Intergroup), Brussels, Belgium

27 April -  Ministerial Meeting of the European Union and Mediterranean Water Ministries, Malta



8-10 May - CONFISH meeting, Pallamós, Spain

16 - 17 May – FishMPABlue2, Advisory Panel and Protected Areas workshop – Croatia

9-12, 13 May -  12th Meeting of RAC/SPA focal points, Alexandria, Egypt

11-12 May - 2nd EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) Annual Forum, Ioannina, Greece

10-11 May - Steering Committee Co-Evolve Project, Split, Croatia

3-4 or 10-11 May -  2nd Steering Committee Mitomed +, Larnaca, Cyprus

17 May  - Thematic Community Building Med Interreg Programme, Alicante, Spain

18-19 May - European Maritime Day, Poole, UK



1 June - The Mediterranean Wetland Alliance meeting, Malaga, Spain

7-8 June - POSBEMED, Steering Committee meeting, Malaga, Spain

ACT4LITTER, Steering Committee meeting, Barcelona, Spain

12-15 June - MPA-ADAPT, Capacity building on adaptation and vulnerability, Bonifacio, Corse, France

5-9 June - UN Ocean Conference, New-York, USA