25 innovative solutions to tackle plastic marine litter in the Mediterranean

The SwitchMed project is publishing “25 innovative and inspiring solutions to combat PLASTIC MARINE LITTER in the Mediterranean Region”.

95% of the waste accumulated on shorelines, the ocean surface, or the Mediterranean Sea floor comes from plastic, and microplastics is a particular concern found in phenomenon as “plastic soup”. Marine litter create severe consequences and concerns from health, economic and environmental point of views, affecting directly marine living organisms though ingestion, pollutants, transfer of toxic substances and entanglement. Most of the marine litter originates from the land and there is large enough scientific evidence to take immediate actions.

The UN Environment/MAP - SCP/RAC publication intends to inspire and provide practical indications to implement marine litter solutions in the Mediterranean region. It is conceived as a practical tool for entrepreneurs and CSOs to identify the best solution for their context and be guided toward its successful implementation.

The 25 solutions have been prioritized through a multi-criteria analysis of their effectiveness and replicability in the MENA region. They have been grouped following the different stages of the product-to-waste chain.

SCP/RAC calls on green entrepreneurs, CSOs, innovators and change-makers in the Mediterranean to take action and promote circular economy in their countries: in doing so, they will also contribute to the implementation of the first legally-binding Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter Management and the SCP Regional Action Plan.

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