"Revamping the Mediterranean Community" webinar on 12 June

The Biodiversity Protection Community will celebrate its first webinar for a community building event: "Revamping the Mediterranean Community"

We are waiting for you to join us next 12 June.

In this virtual period that we all have to live in, the Biodiversity Protection Community is doing its best to continue its activities and to group all members and partners in a common space, even if virtually. 

This will be our first virtual workshop called “Revamping the Mediterranean Community”, the first in a series to be organized by the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community. This exclusive webinar will be held on 12 June 2020 starting at 10 am CET with the active engagement of the partners and associated partners in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community project and an amazing audience made of lead partners and communication officers in our 15 thematic projects.


You need to be a partner in one of our Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community projects to attend. Lead Partners and Communication officers in thematic projects, both finalised or recently started, will be in charge of ensuring that at least one project representative is attending among their partnership. Please note that we have limited spaces.

Registration is required. Only participants registered by 8 June will be receiving the link to access the webinar and materials to prepare for the workshop. 


This virtual workshop is meant to bring together key players in the community to reconnect after three years of work by the community, welcome new projects and people to the community and agree together how to best move forward in the next years. As most of you know, this Interreg Med Community for Biodiversity Protection is composed of 15 thematic projects supported by the horizontal or overarching project previously know as PANACeA.  Launched at the end of 2016, we are now setting our common roadmap to help influence a more effective biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean through our joint efforts. We will talk about getting organized in working groups, how to better answer biodiversity challenges together… and more.


All the Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection projects (2016-2022) have a common objective; those projects that already finished have shiny results and lessons learnt to share with the newcomers, who can bring new ideas to reshape our events, contents and interactions.

This virtual workshop is a unique opportunity to direct priorities and design a better future for the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection community. Building on a shared proposal, community members will agree at the end of the workshop an action roadmap linked to top policy processes and capacity building opportunities to achieve concrete results with an ecosystem-based approach to biodiversity protection and management in the Mediterranean. 


The partners in the Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Community project, in this case the Lead Partner ETC-UMA, in charge of the overall coordination and community building activities with the support of enthusiastic partners who will be actively supporting preparations and the discussion.


Coordination and dialogue is utterly necessary to build a common path for action. You are part of our Community and we need you to move forward. However, as the current situation with the pandemics is stopping us from shaking hands in person, we need to re-establish and rethink the way we can interact, as I am sure you are all doing.  Indeed, we will be organizing some tests for those that might wish to check their workshop functionalities set up before hand, to avoid technical challenges.

For your appointment with us on 12 June, you will need to register to come, an Internet connection and kick off our dialogue. 

Register soon and we will get back in touch with more.

If you need to contact us: panacea-med@remove-this.uma.es