PANACeA speaks up

In this newsletter, we are presenting the first in a series of videos to come shortly. For now, why not start by listening to some of our PANACeA partners:

- Associated partner and host during our kick off meeting in Marseille, Guillaume Huet, Head of International and Mediterranean relations at Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur Region, highlighting the importance of territorial cooperation and the involvement of private and public institutions: “We have to prepare a scheme of ecological coherence and involve other authorities”.

- Interreg Med Programme Officer in charge of Biodiversity Protection projects, Francesca Marcato, explains the innovative and integrating approach of horizontal projects to optimize and promote the transferability of thematic project results.

- ETC-UMA Director and PANACeA Lead partner, Dania Abdul Malak, comments on the wide geographical coverage of the initiative and the importance of involving different types of institutions to reach a common vision for a sustainable Mediterranean that protects biodiversity.

This and future videos will be available on our new YouTube channel. Subscribe to stay tuned on PANACeA videos for biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean.



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