PANACeA launches a new biodiversity protection community in the Mediterranean

The Biodiversity protection community featured by PANACeA is launched.

The Mediterranean region spreads from a shared sea into more than 20 countries. The flora and fauna in the Mediterranean are likewise diverse and sometimes unique, a fact that has made it worth the surname “biodiversity hotspot”.  This biodiversity paradise keeps attracting people around a benign climate, ancient civilizations and a traditionally beautiful scenery. The Mediterranean has for centuries served as a bridge among cultures to become a busy highway towards growing populated areas all along the coast.


The Mediterranean people need however to protect their natural resources to remain sustainable. That is the objective behind the new Biodiversity Protection community building initiative under the umbrella of the Interreg Med Programme. The PANACeA project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, is allying together public administrations, research institutions and conservationists in Mediterranean countries through the support of a strong partnership of European and Mediterranean environmental, scientific and policy organizations.


PANACeA aims to coordinate and facilitate the joint efforts of scientists and management bodies in protected areas and combine their strengths to propose political and pragmatic nature-based solutions for its deployment at regional level. More than 9 projects are looking at the latest methodologies to monitor the risks caused by and take measures against an excess of uncontrolled human activities, proposing procedures and concerted actions for the control of increasing threats such as marine litter, coastal and marine management, tourism undesired impacts and overfishing.


Governing in cooperation with others for the protection of our shared natural resources – water, food, landscapes, people – is not an easy task. It requires agreeing on a plan and a common focus to tackle protection based on the lack of country boundaries in Mediterranean ecosystems.  PANACeA is therefore pursuing the creation of joint events and actions, to feed into the Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Knowledge Platform linking research, practice and policy, elevating the best science-based recommendations to the Mediterranean policy arena. Conservation science needs to transform into feasible proposals to address current threats and involve practitioners and society at large to influence better regional and national policies towards a common sustainable Mediterranean.


Through this newsletter, PANACeA will be reporting on the project and the Mediterranean biodiversity protection community achievements and steps forward.


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