Bridging Science, Practice and Policy in Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection

Sharing knowledge and building a community towards practical solutions

Protecting biodiversity is crucial to ensure the resilience of the whole Mediterranean, which is facing unprecedented threats and whose resources are depleted by irresponsible practices. While the Mediterranean is a Biodiversity hotspot known for its high rates of endemism, the increasing pressures associated to a growing population are threatening the unique species and habitats that conform the region.

The underestimation of these growing threats on Mediterranean ecosystems linked to unsustainable management mechanisms and slow response instruments calls for better coordinated actions.

The MED Biodiversity Protection Community featured by the Interreg MED funded project PANACeA, is actively working to bridge the gaps between key actors in biodiversity protection – researchers, managers and policy makers - and creating opportunities to share knowledge, to build a community where they are all represented and, eventually, to promote their results through a strengthened network.

To reach this objective, two events are taking place in Barcelona:

1.    A two-day Knowledge Sharing Event open to the public to debate the links between the needs of regional practitioners and researchers, and aimed at facilitating evidence-based policy making.

2.    And a strategic internal MED Biodiversity Protection Community Building Event to draw on the conclusions from the previous two days and pave the way for further activities in the future.

This “Knowledge Sharing Event” will strive to foster a constructive dialogue between researchers, managers and policymakers. The aim is to issue a series of recommendations for bridging the Science-Practice-Policy gap, in order to support better management and protection for biodiversity and ecosystems in Protected Areas.

The event’s objectives are:

●    To present previous and ongoing initiatives in place to gather scientific knowledge generated by projects to help identifying and filling gaps in research data that may hinder evidence-based policy making. 

●    To introduce scientific and technological innovations in current projects undertaken in the MED Biodiversity Community.

●    To highlight the effective strategies and tools currently in place to connect Science-Practice-Policy affecting biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean, and to encourage discussion on how to encourage further cooperation.

The Barcelona debate will focus on 3 multifaceted working areas identified as of particular interest to the MED Community during PANACeA’s kick off meeting in Marseille and later in Alicante. Each topic will be the subject of a specific panel:

●    Panel 1: Emergent and transboundary challenges to Protected Areas: Addressing the effects of climate change and marine litter on biodiversity through evidence-based management practices and policies

●    Panel 2: Sustainable use of natural resources in Protected Areas: Artisanal and small-scale fisheries

●    Panel 3: Integrated ecosystem monitoring and management: Addressing key challenges for the Mediterranean

A report will be produced outlining the recommendations for “Strategies and Tools to Bridge the Science-Practice-Policy Gaps in Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection”.

Following the open debate on 23 and 24 October, a Community Building Event will be held in the ICGC on 25 October 2017 for all the MED Biodiversity Protection Modular Projects within the PANACeA partnership to plan future activities, including policy recommendations and communication tools.

Participation in this event will be restricted to Interreg MED projects only and will include workshops for the three Working Groups identified by PANACeA, each including several MED Modular Projects.

●    WG 1: Protected Area Management.

●    WG 2: Sustainable use of natural resources.

●    WG 3: Integrated ecosystem monitoring.

To know more about who are the MED Biodiversity Protection projects, click here.


The Knowledge Sharing Event and open debate on 23 and 24 October, 2017 will be held at:

Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB)

Calle 62, no. 16, Building A, 7th Floor, Sala Polivalent

Zona Franca 08040 Barcelona

The MED Biodiversity Protection Community Building workshop on 25 October, 2017 will be held at:

Institut Cartogràphic i Geologic de Catalunya (ICGC)

Parc de Montjuïc. 08038 Barcelona

Registration is required. Please REGISTER HERE

Contact details

Mrs. Carolina Pérez, MedCities,  +34 935069673