Publications PANACeA (1st phase) and MBPC (2nd phase) - 2016-2022

Publications PANACeA and BPC (2016-2022)

1. Project Factsheets

MBPC 2nd phase


2. Declaration on Ecosystem-based approaches to biodiversity protection and management in the Mediterranean – December 2018

3. Thematic papers

MBPC 2nd phase thematic papers:

4. Webinars

MBPC 2nd phase webinars:

5. Guidelines


6. Meetings and workshop reports

MBPC 2nd phase reports:


7. Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Tools Catalogue

8. Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Knowledge Platform

  •, our main capitalization tool, has been set up to include a digital Library of resources from and for the projects in the community, a spatial data tool to represent the partners in the various initiatives and their spatial data collected (i.e. Posidonia beaches, temperatures, pilot sites participating…), including a catalogue of other external spatial data sources related to biodiversity and protection in the Mediterranean (i.e. protected area coverage in the Mediterranean, EBSAs, Med-IAMER results, ACCOBAMS…).
  • MedBioLitter: thematic database on research efforts concerning marine litter interactions with marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean.
  • Video tutorials in English and French and other materials have been prepared to facilitate the use of the platform and access data.

9. Social media channels

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube


10. Videos & MP videos


·         Marie Romani, MedPAN:

·         Elen Lemaitre-Curri, Plan Bleu :

·         Khalil Attia, UNEP MAP SPA RAC:

·         Christel Georges, City of Marseille:

·         Vedran Nikolic, EU Commission, DG Environment :

·         Curzio Cervelli, Interreg Med Programme:

·         Curzio Cervelli, Interreg Med Programme:

·         Ronan Uhel, European Environment Agency:

·         Rosa Estaras Ferragut, Member of European Parliament:

·         Susana Carillo, Acting Mayor of Malaga:

.         Magarida Barata Monteiro, ConFish:

.         Roberto Crosti,  MEDSEALLITTER:

.         Xavier Abril Ferrer, ACT4LITTER:

.        Carlo Franzosini, AMARE:

.        Joaquim Garrabou, MPA-Adapt:

.        Giancarlo Gusmaroli, WETNET:

.        Luca Santarossa, FishMPABlue2:

.        Srna Sudar, ECOSUSTAIN:

·         Dania Abdul Malak, ETC-UMA:

·         Gesine Meissner, Member of the European Parliament:

·         Sylvain Petit, UNEP MAP PAP RAC:

·         Giuseppe Sciacca, CPMR:

·         Ameer Abdulla, IUCN WCPA :

·         Sonsoles San Román, ETC-UMA:

·         Carlos Guitart, ETC-UMA:

·         Antoni Grau, Government of Balearic Islands:

·         Celia Vassilopoulou, HCMR:

·         Celia Vassilopoulou, HCMR:

·         Celia Vassilopoulou, HCMR:

·         Federica Foglini, CHR:

·         Saul Ciriaco, Torre Guaceto Marine Protected Area:

·         Panos Panayotidis, HCMR:

·         Joaquim Garrabou, ICM-CSIC:

·         Joaquim Garrabou, ICM-CSIC:

·         Francesca Marcato, Interreg Med Joint Secretariat:

·         Francesca Marcato, Interreg Med Joint Secretariat:

·         Carlo Franzosini, Torre Guaceto MPA/ Miramare:

·         Brian Christie, Malta Environment and Resources Authority,

·         François Galgani, IFREMER :

·         Ruthy Yahel, MedPAN Scientific Committee:

·         Camino Liquete, EU Commission, DG Environment :

·         Luca Santarossa, Federparchi :

·         Serena Carpentieri, Legambiente:

·         Giancarlo Gusmaroli, CIRF:

·         EcoSustain:

·         Simonetta Fraschetti, University of Naples Federico II:

·         Maria Giunta Fornassin, EID Mediterranée:

·         Iva Sabolic, Confish:

·         Magali Outters, UNEP MAP SCP RAC:

.         Tune Up video (by WedMed) where MBPC is promoted: Read the news & watch the video

(English version News) "Collaborating across borders for improving the governance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean"

(Version en Français) "La collaboration transfrontalière pour améliorer la gouvernance des Aires Marines Protégées (AMP) en Méditerranée"

(Arabic news version) فيديو – التعاون العابر للحدود لتحسين إدارة المناطق البحرية المحمية في البحر الأبيض المتوسط



·      Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection: answering biodiversity threats with natural solutions:

·      Participatory approaches to biodiversity protection:

·      Bridging science, practice and policy gaps:

·      The Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Community of projects:

·      Overview of PANACeA’s objectives:



·      Declaration for an ecosystem-based management - All together for a better Mediterranean:

·      Ecosystem-based management and the butterfly effect:



·         Tutorial: Biodiversity Protection Knowledge Platform (French):

·         Tutorial: Biodiversity Protection Knowledge Platform (English):



·         Greening your events webinar:

·         Mediterranean data sources towards biodiversity protection webinar:

·         Marine litter in the Mediterranean webinar:

- MBPC 2ns phase

Preparation course: Science-policy-society interactions in ecosystem-based marine resources management & planning :