Knowledge Platform

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Knowledge platform

Devised as a one entry point to scientific evidence supporting best practice on protected area management and environmental policymaking in the region, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Platform (BPP) gathers the expert knowledge generated by the Mediterranean biodiversity protection community as main providers of content.

Additional integration of relevant sources will ensure the combination of harmonised inputs from different actors to be catalogued based on the type, theme, and spatial features among other, to facilitate their searchability, consultation and dissemination.

The BPP contains recommendations and data gathered by the Mediterranean biodiversity protection community participating in the Biodiversity Protection Community featured by PANACeA - all the modular projects approved by the steering committee of the Interreg Med programme 2014-2020 - together with external validated open source information and data.

The objective of this platform is to give visibility to effective methodologies, key project results, and actions towards biodiversity protection under way. 

By uniting scientific evidence, practice and policy, it serves as a reference for guiding policy enforcement and future measures affecting natural resource management in protected areas.


The Knowledge Platform can be found here