WG2 Sustainable use of natural resources

The working group 2 "sustainable use of natural resources" is a way to enhance the development of environmental-friendly economic activities in the Mediterranean region. Sustainability aims at reducing the negative impacts of these activities on the environment, as well as enhancing their economic development and their positive impact on the society.

The Biodiversity protection community featured by PANAceA has set up a working group to address the issue of the sustainable use of resources in the Mediterranean area, with a particular focus on artisanal fisheries. Among the modular projects of the community, common challenges will be tackled through an open field of discussions, best practices and research results exchanges. It will mainly involve the projects CONFISH, FISHMPABLUE2, MPA-ADAPT and other various external stakeholders.

Through the identification of common thematic interests in the community and at its kick-off meeting in March 2017, sustainable resource management practices including participatory governance models for fisheries and species harvesting in protected areas are being addressed.

Practitioners are being encouraged to exchange tested methodologies and present evidence based solutions through networking activities and capacity building workshops. Those experiences are meant to enable the community to identify potential gaps and prepare policy recommendations to address multilevel policies and structural governance issues in various countries. In particular, the working group on the Sustainable use of resources aims to support the GFCM management plans, 2017 Malta declaration for sustainability for Mediterranean fisheries and the EU Common fisheries policy.

Synergies can be found with the main axes and targets of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as well as the objectives of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD):

Use of natural resources, quality, availability of these resources:

  •     Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources (SDG 12.2)
  •     Awareness raising on sustainable development and use of natural resources (SDG 12.8)
  •     Integrated water resource management (SDG 6.5); protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems (mountains, forests, wetlands, rivers, aquifers, lakes) (SDG 6.6)


  •     Conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources (SDG 14.c)
  •     Sustainable management of fisheries (SDG 14.7) VS overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and destructing fishing practices (SDG 14.4 & 14.6
  •     Improvement of ocean health (SDG 14.a)


  •     Sustainable use of coastal ecosystems
  •     Sustainable use of wetland/river/lake ecosystems
  •     Water quality (in wetlands, rivers, lakes)