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16/12/2021 The Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community and the Pelagos Secretariat agree on concrete and practical actions for the Sanctuary’s management and action plan 

30/11/2021 The Interreg Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community and the Pelagos Agreement Secretariat agree to promote and facilitate technical and scientific transboundary co-operation 

09/11/2020 The European Green Deal and the new biodiversity strategy for wetlands: the Mediterranean case

06/11/2020 The EU Commission acknowledges the need to redress wetlands

17/10/2019- Malaga takes the pulse for transformative changes to protect Mediterranean ecosystems

17/10/2019- Málaga le toma el pulso a cambios transformadores para proteger los ecosistemas mediterráneos

17/10/2019 - Malaga donne l’impulsion pour des changements profonds vers une meilleure protection des écosystèmes en méditerranée

06/05/2019 - Environmental actors meet in Rome for better Mediterranean protection

06/12/2018 - Protected areas are not enough: towards an ecoregional approach to
biodiversity protection

06/12/2018 - Las áreas protegidas no bastan: ETC-UMA apuesta por un enfoque ecorregionalpara protegerla biodiversidad

18/05/2018 - Montenegro hosts international dialogue on biodiversity protection and a participatory management of natural resources

27/10/2017 - Barcelona hosts Mediterranean agents for biodiversity protection

27/10/2017- Barcelone accueille les représentants méditerranéens pour la protection de la biodiversité

27/10/2017- Barcelona acull els agents mediterranis per la protecció de la biodiversitat

17/03/2017 - A new Mediterranean partnership for biodiversity protection action and policy is born

17/03/2017 - Un nouveau partenariat méditerranéen pour la protection de la biodiversité

01/03/2017 – Kick-off meeting Background information (French)

02/12/2016 - PANACeA speaks at Marine Protected Areas Forum

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